COM0014 – Blog Post #2 – Personal Bio

“So what do you do?…”

That dreaded question…  Cocktail parties… Dinner out with new people… it always comes up. Everybody asks it… How does a person define oneself when they don’t have a pat answer?

I was recently at a luncheon for the International Women’s Club of Ottawa and that question came up.  As soon as I mentioned I was a military spouse the lady assumed that I had nothing relevant to offer and moved on to her next victim.

I am a Military Spouse.  Defining yourself in relation to your spouse’s occupation is something that is never done in today’s society.  It feels like something out of A Mad Men Episode.  I could tell you that years ago I was an RN working in palliative care, but as soon as I tell you that I have to follow with the fact that I haven’t nursed in 20 years.  So if I am not an occupation.  What am I?

I am an advocate that has moved every two years for as long as I can remember.  I help my family start over each time we move.  I am a champion for my children and the vastly different school systems that exist within multiple provinces and one state. I buy, renovate and sell homes, frequently.  I manage a single household income (because who will hire somebody that is going to leave soon). I hold my family together through difficult deployments to conflict areas around the world. I often watch the news very carefully because decisions made in Parliament today can affect my dinner plans tomorrow.  I re-invent myself every two years.  I volunteer.  I have taught English as a Second language, I have been a classroom helper, I have been on the parent teacher boards, and I have facilitated a Beaver Colony as well as well as a Guide Troop.  I have helped support other military spouses through extremely difficult times. I have also started a Facebook group that has more than 400 other spouse members. I host events for the members including speakers, large pub and games nights as well as hosting a knitting group. I write a blog to outline resources available to the Canadian Military Family. I am about to be a single parent again as my husband continues to serve as a soldier. I have lived in 4 Canadian provinces and one American State.

What do I do?  I am a Military Spouse.

One thought on “COM0014 – Blog Post #2 – Personal Bio

  1. I think you can proudly say you’re an advocate for military spouses, have been a leader in your many communities, and a busy full-time mother — all of which are very honourable endeavors. That is what you do. Even though you may not get paid for any of that hard work, it has value. Those whose eyes glaze over and walk away are not worth your time, but I suspect many more will be intrigued and want to hear more.

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