COM0015 – Blog Post #1: Tools and Sources

I’m 27 years old, but sometimes I still feel like a stranger to social media. I use it casually for personal use, but I am not in a place (yet) where I need to or can be using it professionally. My reason for taking this certificate though is to hopefully be able to apply what I have learned in a future career. In terms of social media monitoring tools, I’m really just starting to dip my toes in the water, but I think I have found good starting points.

I came across both Google Alerts and HootSuite during COM0013, when I was creating a social media dashboard for one of the assignments. Google Alerts was one of the tools we were asked to use for this assignment. I found it to be a great introductory tool, coming from a beginner status like mine. It’s free, which is a great bonus, and it’s also easy to set up key word searches. I also like that it can be used for anything from keeping tabs on personal interests to monitoring professional subject matter.

I stumbled upon HootSuite while working on my dashboard while trying to learn more about what a social media dashboard actually was! Again, I found it a great basic monitoring tool. It’s a step up from Google Alerts though because you can manage all your social media accounts on it, and they also provide you with an analytics summary report each week to show your traffic, clicks, etc.

As for my news sources, I generally stick with websites like, but I started using Google Alerts for subject matter that interests me the most. This way, I am notified of any new articles pertaining to my personal interests and I don’t have to dig around the internet too far. It’s also been great practice for setting up RSS feeds!

I also use Facebook as a source of news. It’s obviously not great for real-time news like Twitter may be, as most of the time the stories are shared from other sources, but my “friends” always find interesting news items from across the city, country, and globe that I likely would never think to find or even look for.

Since I’ve admitted my beginner status, I’d love to hear from some more advanced listeners/monitors! What types of user-friendly tools would you suggest I learn next?

One thought on “COM0015 – Blog Post #1: Tools and Sources

  1. If you ever get to the point where you use Twitter regularly, Tweriod is pretty cool! It analyzes your followers to see what times the average is online so you can optimize your tweets to reach the most impressions. Then you can use Buffer, which takes those times and directly sets up a schedule for you to simply input things you want to share. I’ve not used google alerts yet; I think I’ll give it a try!

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