The need to stay current

I have some thoughts after reading the article “Business Transformation From Marketers To Makers”. In this day and age, traditional communication methods are being left behind in favour of digital communication technologies. Right now, there is no better example than Uber vs the traditional taxi. With social media and the internet in general becoming all pervasive in our day to day lives we have gone though a gradual revolution. All industries must have the ability to adapt to the newly ensconced digital consumer.

In many cases, this may be a customer service issue. People will look at their social media and see what their friends are posting. I can personally attest to the fact that I have seen my Facebook friends say that they have had a great experience while they had their ride in an Uber. I have also seen my friends’ post promo codes thus giving Uber free marketing.

The taxi drivers are not helping their cause. For example, here in Ottawa a few months ago, we saw the way that taxi drivers were blocking the airport parkway (while it was over an issue not directly related to Uber), and in Toronto we saw a taxi driver literally grab on to an Uber car during a protest against Uber. This has led people to vent their frustration on their social media platforms.

In the future, industries will have to reinvent how content is made available to consumers.  One of the best places for an industry to promote its new digital presence would be where the people are, and that would be on Social Media… of course.


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