Do People Know Your Story?

Do you remember those motivational posters that plastered the walls of our high school classrooms? My old high school had plenty of them. The message to do well and reach your goals – to achieve – was never lost during secondary school. And that’s fine. That’s what school is for.

But, if I think about what my greatest achievement is to date, I don’t have an answer. Not because I don’t think I have reached any goals in my life, but because I don’t think asking someone about their greatest achievement is a close-ended question.

Accomplishments are ongoing. They are always evolving and influencing each other. I think there are only a few people who can genuinely pick out one event – one instance – and definitively say that that was their greatest achievement.

It’s impossible for me to choose one thing. I have reached a lot of goals in my life and it’s really difficult to say which one is tops. Maybe it was the first time I finished a chapter book. Was it learning to swim? Or winning my first tennis tournament? I have some university degrees under my belt – could it be that? Was it getting married? Having a child? Or maybe it was beating my personal best time in a half-marathon? I’ve had great jobs and changed careers a few times – they have all provided me with experiences that I could say were my greatest achievement, but I’m apprehensive to do so.

Instead, I’d like my entire life to be my greatest achievement. This sounds very cheesy, I know. But I think the whole point of this existence is to never be satisfied – to keep exploring and setting new goals. I love the idea of looking back on my life and being grateful for the whole ride, not just one specific event. This is what keeps me moving.

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