COM0014 – Blog #6: Do people know your story?

What is your favourite customer story?

Photo from Flazingo Photos

Working most of my teenage years in customer service I’ve had to deal with a ton of customers, and they definitely weren’t always nice. But since starting my full time job, I’ve heard a lot of stories of positive experiences my coworkers have had with customers. And I just find it so interesting to see the difference between a smaller company that cares about their customers and a larger chain that focuses more on sales.

I don’t particularly have one customer story to tell, but rather an ongoing story that involves multiple customers. That being a story of how focusing on customer relationships, through appreciation events and giving back to customers, really can help your business produce sales and gain more consumers. I’ve been able to see first hand how a business with great customer service can really drive a Google + review campaign and receive such positive feedback from all of their customers.

I’ll always remember this customer story because it just goes to show that excellent customer service does actually pay off in the long run, and that customers are willing to share their appreciation for the service they’re provided. It gives me great pleasure to work for a company that spends this much effort on perfecting their customer relationships.

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