COM0014 – Blog Post #1 – What I did on my Vacation


Canoe Camping?

When I first met my husband we were polar opposites with regards to leisure time.  My idea of roughing it was no bar at the hotel pool.  My husband on the other hand had dreams of ‘One Man, One Pack’, ‘Leave No Trace Camping’ and ‘Make sure you bring the bear spray’…

We have been married for 20 years and both of us have capitulated in many ways, but especially with regards to camping.  Instead of the 4-season (good-for-winter-camping) tent that he wanted or a room at the Hilton that I wanted we are the proud owners of a tent trailer.  We have slowly moved from camp sites with hot showers to sites without electricity…  Not often.

Last summer my husband cunningly suggested that we canoe camp in Algonquin Park.  I do love canoeing and driving in the park and think that it is one of the most beautiful places we have ever visited.  We would only be gone for a few days and he assured me that although there was a portage that it was only 75 metres.

We borrowed the kit that we required.  We already had a Kayak for the kids to paddle and a few hiking ruck sacks, but the rest came from friends.

The first obstacle was the amount of stuff that we had.


Off to Algonquin we headed and with much trepidation we arrived at Achray Lake.  For those of you that haven’t been through Algonquin Park it truly is one of the most beautiful places in Canada. We loaded all the gear (minus the rocking chair) into the boats.

Born Again Back Woods Camper!

Wow!  What a surprise! I loved it! The vistas are beautiful, the peace and quiet was soulful, and the family time amazing – I even managed the ‘thunder box’ toilets. My husband was so right (don’t tell him I told you).  I am not sure I will ever go back to the tent trailer.

I can’t wait to go again next year!



One thought on “COM0014 – Blog Post #1 – What I did on my Vacation

  1. Sounds like a fun trip. Interesting read. While I am personally not big on the camping thing, I think its important, none the less to get out of the city and enjoy nature, especially in this day and age.

    Good on you for doing that.

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