COM0015 – Blog 1: Monitoring tools I use, what about you?

There are plenty of monitoring tools but most of them are not free. The article entitled, ‘Marketing: Top 15 Free Social Media Monitoring Tools’ points to several tools , but few of them are totally free such as Socialmention, Twazzup, Google Tends. Others often offer free trials, but they are not free, such as Hootsuite, TweetReach, Klout, Addictomatic, HowSociable, IceRocket, TweetDeck, Mention, Topsy, Followerwonk, SumAll, Simply and Measured.

I prefer to use Google trend, Soci
almention, and Twazzup as they allow me to use keywords. In measuring and monitoring course, for example, I was using those tools to monitor Neslte social media. Google trend allows me to know topics related to my keywords, and provides geographic map, which relate the search outcomes to the city,

and a timeline for the keywords or related ones, but it does not tell what people say. Socialmention is a cool monitoring real time search, as it gives idea about the strengths: The number of time your brand is mentioned divided by the total mentions; sentiment: ration of positive mentions to social_media_monitoring_the negative ones; passion: the likelihood of individuals to talk about the brand repeatedly;  and reach: The range of influencers.

I believe that Twitter is the better for monitoring and can be easily listened too. Tawazzup, for example, tells what people say about a product, and update the influencers in real time.. Twitter counter also provides free-of-charge statistics on the number of tweets over certain time, thereby allowing measuring consistency of tweeting.  I have not found a tool that monitor YouTube.

As for news sources, I used and Google alerts. Both are good for news update. provides information, such as the number of articles, number of readers, and number of press releases. The basic service of allows unlimited news feeding. The advantage of is that news feed looks like an inbox of email interface, but news is not pushed your email address. Google Alerts push news to email address, which I found it more convenient. I started using Hootsuite, which has an integrated dashboard that allows the integration of several social media accounts.

I am a currently working with a team group for social responsibility campaigns that will take place in March, and a PR conference, entitled THE CAUSE: Generosity, Community, Humanity. I started using Hootsuite.

It will be great if we can share information on monitoring tools. It will be useful for all of us, so I appreciate if you provide brief answers to the following questions:

  • What are the monitoring or listening tools you find quantitatively simple and easy to analyze?
  • What are the tools you think cool and easy to use?
  • What are the tools that provide best qualitative analysis?
  • What are the tools you find useful for YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram?


This is the first post for COM0015- Applied Social Media for Business

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