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The world is a hellish place, and bad writing is destroying the quality of our suffering. Tom Waits said this during an interview with Vanity Fair 15 years ago. Call him a curmudgeon, sure. But he does have a point.

Bad writing is a bummer, plain and simple. It also has a terrible impact on businesses and reputations and once that happens, the damage can be hard to repair.

You introduce yourself and your business to the world through communications: words, pictures, videos.

And if you want to be seen as professional, polished, capable, and reliable, good communications is absolutely key.

The best way to ensure that your communications products are in top shape is to hire a professional writer and editor; someone who can help you and your business stand out and connect with your clients in a meaningful way.


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What sets me apart from other writers and editors?

I will help you shake off everything you thought you knew about communicating with your audience. A sharp eye for detail is one of my best strengths. I’m also a little picky, so I like things done right. Dropping the ball or falling behind is not a part of my work ethic. I will help you avoid hyperbole, bad grammar, and awkward writing.

Together, our focus will be on building your brand with the best communications strategy possible.

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