COM0014 Blog #5- Personal Brand

In the world of social media today, I firmly believe that there is no longer a difference between private and public accounts and branding. It seems that nowadays, people want to know everything and anything that makes you, well, you, no matter what type of industry you participate in. With this in mind, the element of personal branding is more important than ever.

After reflecting upon myself for a day or two, I’ve come to a conclusion on what exactly my own personal brand consists of. What exactly makes me, me. 

Firstly, most people know me for my modeling. Which, of course, is associated with my name as it’s what pretty much everyone I know knows me for. But within modeling, people know me as a veteran and teacher of the industry, I’d like to believe. Someone who is very knowledgeable in the industry, and someone to seek for guidance. I’ve had many people approach me for advice and with questions, hoping to get their starts in the business. I have also taught many up and coming models at my mother agency the tips and tricks of the trade in modeling classes, and am well known for helping out. Both parties tend to approach me on social media platforms for continued advice.

Secondly, I like to believe that I’m fairly down to earth and approachable. With what my trade is, it’s extremely easy for me to come across to people as very unapproachable because they get false impressions due to stereotyping of the modeling industry. While I post content with my professional work, I like to keep it real, so to speak, by throwing in some more posts that are more humanized. Like talking about what I’m up to, some humorous posts, things like that. I also try my very best to acknowledge and respond to comments, messages, etc., sent to me so that people know that I’m a humanized friendly individual, not an inaccessible personality.

Thirdly, I’m a good role model, and am well known as being one. I’ve been described by fellow industry professionals as responsible, mature, good-natured, and kind. I set standards for myself, and stick to them. I act professional and behave accordingly when in public or in work place scenarios. I’ve had quite a number of new models and their parents directed my way as an example to them of how a model should behave, and I pride myself on this.

Now, can I use these traits on my online personal branding? Of course! A good reputation, and good communication skills go a long way in the world of social media, so these are definitely not bad traits to have under your belt. Appearing as a real, living human being to your audience rather than someone spewing computer generated nonsense is very important as well. No one wants to follow a robot, after all.


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