COM0014 – Blog #5: Personal Brand

Before this blog post, I had never really thought about my personal brand and what noteworthy qualities I have. So it definitely took me awhile to come up with a few, but after some thought, I think I’ve figured it out and now know what my strong suits are.

I think some of my best traits that stand out are that I’m very passionate, I’m a team player, and a very selfless person.

When I find something I truly like doing and believe in I tend to be very passionate about that one thing and follow through no matter what it takes. Whether it be what I’m studying in school, a professional project at work or a personal project, I will always believe in the subject and speak very highly of it to others. I think people should live passionately, and love what they are doing.

Two other qualities that I believe I possess are being a team player and a selfless person. I think these two qualities go hand in hand, as I usually put others needs before my own and will always take one for the team if someone needs my help.

All three of these qualities play a key part of what makes my personal brand and the way I act professionally and personally towards others. These traits are a few that have created my personal brand and brand identity what they are today.

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