Domino’s Pizza Canada -B2C Case Study (COM0014 – Blog Post #4)


Domino’s Pizza Canada

I used Domino’s Pizza Canada as my B2C business for this case study, the social networks I found Domino’s Pizza on are Instagram with 861 followers, Twitter with 10k followers and Facebook with 250k likes.

I find their website to be very user friendly and they even have an app that is easy to use, by using the website and app you are able to see coupons, place an order and even track your order. On top of the website and app, Domino’s Pizza also sends out an email with weekly deals.


Well Domino’s Pizza does use Instagram, Twitter and Facebook there is diffidently room for Improvement.

  • Instagram – Domino’s Pizza is fairly new to Instagram with their first photo being posted 39 weeks ago, as they are still new to Instagram 861 followers is a good start. They have been using Instagram to post pictures of different pizzas they offer.
  • Twitter – Domino’s Pizza has been on Twitter since April 2009 and has 10k followers which is a a much bigger audience then Instagram. when it come to complaints Domino’s Pizza seems to use the same response for everyone, they could improve this by being a little more personal when replying to a complaint.


  • Facebook – The biggest audience for Domino’s Pizza is on Facebook with 250k likes, but like Twitter their responses are very scripted, there is very little interaction other then their scripted responses.

Well Domino’s Pizza could use some major Improvements to their social media, their website and app are very useful.

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