COM0014 – Blog #4: B2C Case Study

American Eagle Outfitters sells clothing and accessories to teenagers and young adults. Using social media as a key component of their marketing plan is essential for engaging and interacting with their target market. After completing some research of American Eagle’s social media presence, it is clearly noticeable that they are using popular social media platforms to their advantage and they are using them successfully.

Two important strategies they are using on their social channels are the use of interacting with their consumers and creating a network of influencers and ambassadors that push their product.

American Eagle has an active Twitter account that they use to engage with their consumers. They are active enough on their account that they are able to monitor who is talking about their products, and they are successfully joining in on online conversations. American Eagle is successfully responding to consumers concerns and questions on a daily basis through Twitter, and they are doing so in a personalized manner. This positively impacts consumers and allows them to trust the brand.

Another popular social media outlet American Eagle is effectively using is Instagram. Recently, American Eagle has started posting and reposting photos of social influencers wearing their clothes and accessories. For example, they regramed a photo of Aspyn Ovard, an influential fashion and beauty vlogger, wearing some of their clothing pieces. This strategic post can help them spread awareness of their brand to all of her Instagram followers and more.

Therefore, I believe American Eagle’s approach to social media and how they use it as part of their marketing plan is definitely working and helping them gain consumers and create trusting relationships with these consumers.

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