Where is the sun? Can I find it within Social Media? COM0011

It is Monday December 14th, and we have had extremely cloudy weather here in Guelph and Elora for 3 solid weeks. When will the sun shine upon us I ask? Well I can find several sources in my Google search to inform me and wait for the sun. I Googled Environment Canada, and selected, Guelph. Environment Canada is reporting more cloudy weather for the next 7 days in Guelph, Ontario. Alas another week of gloomy weather. I did not find the sun. I noticed that Environment Canada also has a Twitter feed, and you can receive weather alerts, and hourly weather reports, which is very useful when traveling often, so I joined! I also found the Weather Network, when I was searching for the sun. The Weather Network, which has to be my favourite so far as it has other interesting weather articles attached, to distract you and enlighten you when your cities forecast is not so enlightening. They include a storm watch site, weather and stories from all over the world, accessible from you laptop or smart phone apps. The Weather Network has 7 listed apps you can access, very convenient, as opposed to waiting for the 11pm news! As well the Weather Network links to Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus, so you can find their stories within your Social Media news feed, and search for sunshine daily!


Interestingly enough, every time I search for the weather report, Blendtec advertising keeps showing up everywhere, I wonder how that happened. Re-marketing perhaps!

The Farmers Almanac also showed up in my Google search results, I clicked on it and the site already knew I was in Elora, and showed me another 7 day forecast of cloudy weather. They have very interesting planting and growing guides and moon phases all connected to the world of social media, via Facebook, Twitter, Google +, and also Pinterest. Now Blendtec advertising is even within the website I am looking at, amazing, it just seems to follow me everywhere I go. Blendtec has directly embedded itself into the news feed of the Farmer’s Almanac site!


I was trying to find the sun in the long range forecast, and all of a sudden a Blentec ad started blinking at me. Perhaps I can find the sun if I buy a Blendtec blender! I will add some fruits and veggies, and some Shakeology, and some Vitamin D. I went searching for the sun and I found a Blendtec blender instead. So I guess I should blend together, my pseudo sunshine drink and trick my body into thinking it has enough vitamin D to last throughout the winter months, until my Twitter feed alerts me that the sun will shine, and its planting time. 🙂

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