Trying Something New

A Valentine's Day Sunset

I need to try more new things. A simple statement, yet a hard one to live by. I graduated from university six months ago and find myself at a critical place in my life where I need to make opportunities happen. A few days ago I applied for an internship abroad in London, England for something hopefully related to Public Relations. I never thought that I would be able to do such a thing, since I have often thought of exciting adventures in my head but they never played out in real life. As I am slowly accepting this reality, I can’t help but think of how I could document it. Could I create a social media strategy for my four months on a different continent?

Canon Camera Image

Canon PowerShot G7X

As I was looking through different cameras online that I could take excellent photos with, I stumbled upon the Canon PowerShot G7 X. Firstly, I love the design. It’s sleek and compact, with a touch screen that flips up so you can see yourself in pictures and videos. I also recall a few British YouTubers mentioning that it was a great camera for  vlogging, capturing pieces of your daily life in the form of a video blog.

Could I start to vlog in England? How amazing would snippets of video content be from different places that I travel? I’m slightly hesitant about this concept, since I’ve never loved the idea of filming myself. But I could imagine posting links to my Twitter page of my personal blog, featuring weekly posts with images and descriptions of what I have been up to. Then there would also be, if I could fit it in my schedule, links to my daily vlogs on YouTube.

I found an article which describes how to balance the experience of travelling with consistently posting your activities. They focus on travel blogging for most of the article. Here are the tips they suggest:

  1. Write content that can be posted ahead of time while you start your travels
  2. Schedule posts of what you have already done rather than trying to scramble and get daily content out as it happens
  3. Remain consistent in how often you post
  4. Take notes of your activities soon after they happen so you remember how you felt in the moment
  5. Set time aside during the week to edit photos and organize content
  6. Use portable hotspots so you always have access to the Internet
  7. Post in real-time to social media platforms
  8. Have guest posts for the times you could not keep up with social media but still have meaningful content to share
  9. Get help if you need it (for those with hectic travel or work schedules; having someone schedule posts for you)

Between all of this, reputation management remains important. I would need to consider the personal brand I am trying to develop and how future employers would view the content and footage. This is definitely a lot to think about!

What do you do when you travel? Turn off social media or embrace sharing your journey with the world? Do you think that looking back at videos would be interesting or meaningless since it’s in the past?

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