COM0014: Blog 6 – Do People Know Your Story?

Challenges come up in life everyday – that’s what makes us stronger. Overcoming these challenges. I once read (not to get all religious), that ‘God only gives you what you can carry.’ God, the universe, whatever it is – you’ve given specific challenges because of a reason. Perhaps you’re strong enough, or maybe you need to learn a lesson from this – either way, you have to deal with it and most importantly, you will survive.


One of the biggest challenges I have on a daily basis, which I’m sure many can relate to, is being consistent. Not only being consistent with my own personally branding, but being consistent with life in general – work, social media, health, fitness, etc. I have a tendency to get side tracked (however, somehow everything seems to get done) but I find when you actually plan to be consistent, it gives you a bit more control (or at least the feeling of it).


One of the tools that is going to help me overcome this challenge, is my agenda. It’s where I have my on-going (and ever growing) to do list, it’s where everything is scheduled, it’s where there is calmness to the chaos. When I don’t keep an eye on my agenda, that’s when everything get’s out of place.

What are some of your suggestions to stay consistent?

xo Amanda

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