COM0014: Blog 5 – Personal Brand

Whether or not you intend to have one, everyone has a personal brand. For me personally, my personal brand is what pushes me through the crowd in my industry and sets me apart. I believe that my interest in healthy eating, as well as strong focus on music and entertainment news [consistently] sets me apart from my competitors. Not many personalities pre-schedule tweets with little “bites” of entertainment news throughout the day.

To make myself stand out lately, I’ve been focusing in on my personal website and blog. It’s something important to me to maintain and promote because it’s another medium where listeners can not only connect with me, but get to know me as well. I’ve also been busy pre-planning January for a fresh launch, scheduling posts, so there will be fresh and consistent content going up. I also do a thing called “#MorningMotivation” & I’ve been debating about creating images myself with inspirational quotes instead of getting some off the internet. Then, they can also be used as another post on the site.

My colleagues would say that my best trait professionally/work wise is my social media. I really have a niche for it and find a lot of interesting and compelling information to share with our audience, who then find it interesting, who then share it with their friends, thus creating more promotion. I think that personally, my colleagues would say that my best trait is that I am laid back, but I know how to hustle and I’m there to always help out if help is needed.

Last, but not least – I’m proud of where I am and the journey it took to get here. It wasn’t easy, but perseverance kept me going. I’ve gone places and made achievements personally and professionally that not many have.

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