COM0014: Blog 4 – B2C Case Study

One thing I’ve discovered about B2C businesses is that they are hungry. Hungry for sales and hungry for your business. Spence Diamonds is one of those businesses who are always constantly trying to make that sale by connecting with the audience (especially emotionally). They’re known for their radio ads, but they also tug at heart strings on their social media.

I’d imagine that the engagement ring industry is highly competitive, so Spence utilizes their social media account not promoting sales, but promoting moments.

You’d think the captive audience of social media would be perfect to promote that one-day sale you have happening, but with Spence it’s the opposite. Essentially, their target customer (men, ages 20-35) who are going to purchase an engagement ring have already decided that they’re going to go so, but the question stands – what kind of ring does she want? She follows Spence on Twitter and sees all the happy pictures and beautiful rings and she points one out to her fiancée to be. I think this approach is not only creative, but smart. Spence is thinking outside the box is utilizing social media in a way that traditional jewelry stores don’t.

What do you think about Spence Diamonds social media approach? Do you prefer this method or the traditional, “just tell me the deals” way?

– Amanda

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