COM0011 Blog post #6 YouTube is the Guru of everything

iStock_000019767158_MediumYouTube has been entertaining us for many years now. Any new popular song, humorous video, or late breaking news stories are available online, all we have to do is “YouTube it”.

This past year, I have learned how to fix my vacuum cleaner, fill my duvet cover, change the break pads on my car, make a beautiful Christmas wreath, and cook a number of new tasty recipes. I found all the instructions on YouTube. Along with the instructional videos, you will also see comments and reviews from other viewers who had completed the job and are happy to offer additional helpful tips and tricks. iStock_000012877260_Medium

Now my computer, which used to reside in a spare bedroom because of its limited use, is conveniently located on my kitchen counter. YouTube has become a valuable household tool as I can rely on it to entertain and educate me where I spend most of my time.

Where there is limited instruction available, its YouTube to the rescue. At work, I learned how to covert all my resources to make them Ontario with Disabilities Act (ODA) compliant before putting them on our website so they can be read by a screen reader. As a lone ranger in my workplace, I rely on YouTube videos to show me how to learn a new software program and troubleshoot most of my software related issues.

Jumping A Car

I was stranded at work last summer when my car would not start. One of my coworkers came to my rescue however neither one of us could recall which way the jumper cables attached to the batteries on both cars. I found the instructions in seconds on YouTube on my phone. Once again, YouTube came to the rescue.

Just in case you have not noticed, I really love YouTube!

What are your thoughts? Do you “YouTube” everything as I do? What do you predominately use it for?


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6 thoughts on “COM0011 Blog post #6 YouTube is the Guru of everything

  1. I totally agree… YouTube has eclipsed most of the other platforms that store images and videos in my world. Youtube has enabled a free sharing of resources and information as it has never been known before. I’m not quite sure if it’s the medium or the message… probably a combo of the two. Congrats on completion!!

  2. One of the things I like most about Youtube is the range of content available, whether it is a clip of a tv show I remember from my childhood, a video on how to fix my microwave or my daughter’s favourite song from Frozen I can find it all on Youtube in seconds.

  3. YouTube is also my guru or mentor for trying new recipes, perfect demo teaches how to use tech switches on a new car and a place to entertain myself.

  4. I love youtube! I too used it just last week to make a beautiful Christmas wreath. I use it a lot for crafting videos. I have used to help my husband fix the car (I looked up the how to instructions and he did the work!). I also use it to watch music videos and play clips of movies for the kids!

  5. YouTube is a great way to learn about practical things. I would say that I use it mainly on my phone, not my desktop, as it’s convenient and I can carry it around with me wherever I go. Video watching on mobile accounts for 50% of all mobile traffic according to Hubspot. We love our phones and using them to watch video!

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