COM0014 – Blog Post #7 – Once Upon a Time

Prior to starting this course I was curious to learn what content businesses or organizations could share that an audience would find meaningful. I come from a long line of people who like to share stories and I take advantage of that family trait when writing and presenting. Through this course I wanted to learn how to write in a way that was best suited to digital communications and social media.

Throughout the lessons and assignments, I have learned that good social media content mirrors what we expect when communicating information or advice in more traditional means. The ability to create content that is relevant and helps to engage in conversation is key to using social media effectively. Storytelling is important to creating great digital content because it helps to connect and develop relationships with an audience.

My goal is to use storytelling to create and share content that explains relevant benefits, issues, opportunities and threats. Ideally, I want to tell stories that inform and stories that entertain and in doing so share content that is interesting enough that readers are encouraged to come back to seek out future posts or engage in conversation. I realize my stories might not all be hits with everyone, but I hope the better part will be popular with most.

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