COM 0011 – Blog 6 – How Has Christmas Changed With Social Media?

It’s this time of the year again, and maybe I’m just more into it because my 18-month old will actually be marveling at it this year, but yes, I’m excited with my plans for the next few weeks!

This got me thinking about how social media have changed Christmas… I can think of a LOT of different elements, but thought I’d just list a few here.

Social media has changed the way we decorate:11ac387142907fb2cad7e7e5faf8c74b

With networks such as Pinterest, we can get crazy DIY ideas to decorate not only the living room, but also the table, the exterior, etc. Pinterest makes you want to learn how to craft and shine during the holidays (well, all year, really).


Social media has changed the way we share holiday wishes:

I remember, as a child, waiting eargerly for those Christmas  cards we received from friends and family. Then, as I grew older, those Christmas cards became fewer and fewer… and then emails became popular and those e-cards just kept coming! And now with Facebook and Twitter (and most likely all the other networks, but I just don’t use them), we’re receiving even more well wishes, no matter where we are in the world or when Christmas starts for us. Social media has given another dimension to Christmas wishes. It’s a different expectation, but it’s just as fun!

Social media has changed the way we give presents:

Whether it’s finding DIY ideas of Pinterest, Etsy and the like or making our wish list and sharing it online, social media has made it easier. The Web is full of DIY gift ideas, but Pinterest has concentrated ideas in one easy spot. There’s a lot of gift exchange platforms online as well. We don’t need to meet to pick names out of a hat anymore! Haha! So many sites let you share on networks (Hootsuite, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) your favourite presents for all your friends to see.

I think these three points show that social media DOchristmas-tree-wallpapers-christmas-backgrounds-30233 have a social component. They’re opening us to the joys of the holidays and getting us excited… Are you excited about the holidays? What are you using to get ready? What do you like or dislike about social media and the holidays?

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all! J

2 thoughts on “COM 0011 – Blog 6 – How Has Christmas Changed With Social Media?

  1. Social media has definitely affected how we approach Christmas and you’ve raised some key ways this happens. It’s great that we can keep in touch more easily with family and friends who are far away and we are unable to visit in person. And definitely the sharing of ideas makes it easier to shop for people how have everything they need (and want).

  2. I definitely used Pinterest when it came time to help the kids make their Christmas cards this year. My youngest is 2 and wants to do everything my oldest does, but does not yet have the hang of painting and drawing. We found cute little fingerprint cards for him to do. It was fun and they look great!

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