The Brad Thomas Brand

My personal brand is something that I take pride in. As a professional, my focus on results and my passion for continuous learning are what separates me from my peers. A lot of communications professionals do too much planning and not enough doing. I focus on doing things that will help reach communications goals and impact a company’s bottom line. I am also a relentless networker and my network is a definite asset to any organization. I am always trying to teach myself new skills to be a better communications professional.

My coworkers would say that my best trait is my ability to deal with and connect with people. I can make people feel comfortable and I can make them feel like they’re my friends in minutes. This trait helps me grow network and get the most out of it. In addition, I often go out of my way to help people in need and I think this is what my peers respect the most about me.

Thinking about my personal brand was difficult because I’m not comfortable talking about myself. I think this is the case with most people. I believe that sometimes we don’t realize how great we are because we are naturally hard on ourselves. I took some time to reach out to contacts to see what they thought about me, and it really made me feel more qualified and a lot better about myself as a worker.

Take some time with a trusted colleague or friend some time and ask them:

What separates me from my peers? What are my best traits? How do I add value?

I think you’ll hear some positives things you forgot about yourself. Tell me about your experiences in the comments!

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