OMM0011 – Blog Post #5 Few questions for Facebook page launch

Before I launch our small business Facebook page I would like to receive some feedback.

The target audience is Hockey moms, age 30-45 years. They love hockey and actively participate in their kid’s hockey life. They’re proud to be hockey moms. They like to stand out with hockey. They’re active on social media.

The goal is to attract 1500 followers on Facebook and Instagram by April 31.

Facebook content will include motivation, entertainments, promo and informational posts. I am describing here two of these.

Motivations posts. The goal is to motivate people to like the page. The posting will be once or twice per month.

  • We are a small local business devoted to the game we love: hockey! Our goal is to support minor hockey in the Ottawa area all the while keeping Hockey mom’s focused on the game and kids they love!
  • Do you like NHL hockey? You could win 2 Senators hockey tickets in our draw. Just press like, share this post and check for the winner on December 8/2015.
  • Hockey mom is so busy! Helping to pack the bag, cooking for the family, cleaning the house, and organizing life for everybody! You deserve a little time just for yourself! Like and share this post and you could win an IPod nano. Just for yourself, check for the winner on December 29/2015.
  • We would love to see our hockey moms! Place your picture at a hockey rink on our timeline and invite your friends to like it. The picture with most likes will get two Senators Hockey Tickets!

Do you think this statement would motivate our target female audience (30-45) and that they will participate in our activities? What would you reccomend to change?

Entertainment posts. The goal is to motivate people to like and share the posts. We are going to post unique slogans and pictures related to Hockey once per two or three days. I am attaching some examples.

Our Mascot Harley can’t wait to play on outdoor rink.


Our Mascot Harley could not choose which team to cheer for and decided to be a referee. No penalties, he loves hockey players!






Do you think our target female audience (30-45) will connect with these kinds of posts? Could you please advise any other additional ideas how we can reach our target audience?

Thank you!

5 thoughts on “OMM0011 – Blog Post #5 Few questions for Facebook page launch

  1. Hey Anita! Great post 🙂 I don’t know much about hockey myself, but I would say that, in your motivation posts, perhaps use a few less exclamation marks, I always find that exclamation marks have a habit of trying to force excitement but you should instead communicate confidence in your initiative and trust that the messages themselves will reach their target audience, who will react to it accordingly. Also some of the pictures have captions that are difficult to understand, particularly the first hockey one, I didn’t quite understand the message (although that may be my fatigue). One thing you could add which may help is encouraging hockey moms to film some of the games on their phones or iPads and find a way to host little videos of cute things that happen, or even videos of folks enjoying themselves while watching the games, it would make the page interactive and inclusive for all 🙂 Anyways, just my two cents! 🙂

  2. Thanks for pointing out the exclamation marks as I do have a tendency to use them a lot. I really like the point about cute videos as they would add some good content to our site. Your comments are very valuable to me:)

  3. Hi Arina, that seems like a great online business… you should get a good number of interested people. I agree with Julien that some of the wording in the captions is hard to understand. I think it might be interesting to interview some hockey mum’s about what they love, hate and find really funny about that part of their life – and then use some of their quotes. And maybe have a finish the quote contest – “Hockey is…”, or “As… as hockey”.

    Another thought – hockey arenas have horrible lighting. Most pictures turn out flat and greyish, with no contrast. It would be worth doing some research on how to get better colour and whites in that context (whether with an off-camera flash, or by doing a white balance, etc).

    Your mascot dog is very cute. I can see lots of possibilities there! Best of luck!

    • Thank you for you comments, Sabrina! The contest idea will go to our contest folder. I agree about quality of pictures and we will also work on that. I love your feedback:)

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