COM0014 – Blog #2: Storytelling and Communication Styles

The most important thing in this week’s lesson was the fact that the use of storytelling and communication has for the most part, remained the same.

Even though society, technology and lifestyle have drastically developed over the years, storytelling and communication will forever be a tool humans share and use on a daily basis.

FullSizeRenderThe most important aspect of storytelling and communication that has changed is the medium used to do so. From cave drawings to the Internet, humans have evolved and the tools they use to communicate must as well. That being said, using the web to relay messages and stories is becoming the most popular platform humans use.

Therefore, some of the most important things to remember when writing for the web are the following: defining target audiences, placing important information at the top (Inverted Pyramid), writing clearly and concisely, and checking for misuse of grammar and voices.

Because the average person only skims through most online content nowadays, web writing must be carefully structured. By following the above guidelines, readers are able to retain all necessary information quickly.

Engaging readers, through discussion, questions or interactive content is another way to get key messages across without losing readership.

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