My Boots are Too Sexy for Me!

My Boots are Too Sexy for Me!

(Read on for promotional offer contained herein.)

Lacking in inspiration about anything new say about my ventures into social media, it dawned on me that social media is a powerful and practical channel to connect to various networks for a seemingly infinite slew of reasons. And with the fall weather upon us and the need to update my wardrobe I identified a gap in my closet in the shape of way too sexy (2 other s—-y words could also apply here) calf-hugging black boots that I wasn’t wearing but nor was I able to justify replacing. Until, the moment I came upon them the perfect pair – suede, wedge heel, size 6, perfect fit and 25% off!

similar new wedges

So I had to act, immediately. The purchase altered the situation in my closet and urged me to find a way to download the too sexy boots – size 6 too of course – in a timely fashion.  But none of the friends or acquaintances I could think of who might appreciate and wear these saucy, sleek and shiny vinyl leg tubes with chrome stiletto heels had the same size foot. And Kijiji seems so impersonal for footwear I have worn twice. (I remember one time by friend Jack called them F—k-me boots! Believe me, they are nice but they make an impact and have a presence you’ve got to be comfortable and cool with.)


So, I have decided to put out a virtual free-for-the-taking sign to the special, select group of people who are in my COM0011-Introduction to Social Media class of Algonquin College, Fall 2015 to see if there is anyone in this exclusive group with whom I feel a certain kinship who would be interested in giving these remarkable boots a good step up and out in the world. Hey, not only will I be experimenting with the concept of a promo give-away (forget the fact that I am not really promoting anything) but I may actually have a chance to connect in person with one of my fellow students and be forever linked by a pair of boots.

Should anyone be interested in adopting these boots and guaranteeing them a new lease on life, please contact me at or comment on my post indicating your interest – and your shoe size or the size of the person to whom you would like to give the boots. I really like the idea of the person who would wear these boots trying them on, it harks back to the fairy tale of Cinderella and brings a timeless quality to this story and transaction. So let’s do that. Do get in touch.


  • Rachael Duplisea


Another title for this blog post could

have been:

These Boots are Made for Giving Away!

2 thoughts on “My Boots are Too Sexy for Me!

  1. Hi Rachael!
    I think your title for the blog is really attractive and your story was fun to read. We can meet for a tea but I am not Cinderella nor do I need new boots!

  2. I enjoyed your way of writing and appreciate your skill of presentation. I learnt something new from your story and the title is really impressive.

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