Is the Web Mightier than the Sword?

I never thought I’d write publicly about my thoughts on this one but after last weekend I just felt I had to.  One would have to be living under a virtual rock not to be aware of what has been going on in the middle east and around the globe when it comes to acts of terror.  They’ve happened here in our own country, no one is immune.  Heinous atrocities perpetrated with only one objective,  to divide humanity through manipulation and fear.  Innocent victims used as catalysts to create a society so fearful that they forget the one basic principle that could save us all; we are all human beings.

This past weekend, after the atrocities in Paris I was monitoring social media as well as television coverage of the ongoing situation.  It struck me how we’ve become a society that consumes information at such a frightening speed.  We no longer need or often times even care to verify the validity of what is being said or broadcast.  Just get that info out there, right or wrong, accurate or not.  Feed the masses.  Folks we need to step back.  Take a look at what you’re reading or watching.  Ask yourself just exactly why is that post there?  What is really being said?  I note that at one point over the weekend there were posts on facebook related to the university massacre in Kenya.  This horrible crime took place in April but someone put it out there to fan the flames of division that were building as a result of what was being shared on the web.  There was and still is a massive show of support for the people of Paris and France, for the victims and their families.  Someone or some group used a previous atrocity in an attempt to put forward their agenda of division and imply that because these other people were vicitimized and not “celebrated” those supporting Paris were somehow wrong.  For me, this was the absolutely absurd.  I watched with almost more horror as others began to fall in line on this reasoning.  Manipulation people.  The world of social media is a wonderful tool but please, please stand back, take a deep breath and truly consider what your are reading. Consider what you are posting or reposting because when you don’t that’s when the terrorists truly win.

I’ll close with my facebook quote from that weekend;  its a message to my friends and family and followers.  While I don’t want to be some prophet for peace nor do I claim to have all the answers, I’m just asking for people to realize that social media is used by those who would forward their own agendas regardless of the outcome.  Knowledge is power but always question where that knowledge is coming from and where its taking you.  Here is my post:

Folks, friends one and all. I don’t normally pull out the soap box and give speeches but I feel I have to comment on a trend I see here. There seems to be some kind of growing competition about what to pray for and who to support when it comes to the victims of recent atrocities. Bottom line is that we should be praying for all of them and for all of humanity. Pray that this madness can be brought to an end and support all who are trying to do just that. As small a thing as it might be, even this lack of unity is an example of how effective the actions of these terror mongers are. Don’t let them win at any level. ‪#‎everylifematters‬

The web can be mightier than the sword. Be careful how you use it.

Thank you.


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