COM0014- Blog Post #6 – From Piano to Presenter

I was very quiet and shy growing up, very. In grade 2, I started taking piano lessons and a couple of years later started taking voice lessons, both from the same teacher. Soon after starting voice lessons, I was registered to take part in the annual Queens County Music Festival, an adjudicated music competition for young people in Prince Edward Island. I participated until about high school, preparing solos in each of piano and voice, with some years performing in more than one category during the week-long, springtime event.

My first piano book.

Somewhere between very uneasy and terrified would about sum up my feelings prior each performance and the preamble was always the same. The participants, usually the same age or within a year or two of each other, sat patiently in order of their program appearance, while the details of their ‘class’ were announced. Each took their turn, walking to the stage (without tripping), performing and returning to their seat. After everyone had their turn, we sat and waited to hear the comments that the adjudicator made for each of us and finally our marks.

So, how did this prepare me for what I do now? Not all of those performances went smoothly, but I was stubborn enough to keep at it and with each passing year I became more confident performing in front of an audience. Throughout high school, presentations made me a little nervous but not quite to the extent as some of my classmates. By the time I got to university, standing up in front of a group was considerably easier and now as a lecturer and presenter I actually prefer the ‘other’ side of the desk.

While I don’t perform musically anymore, I have been trying out my keyboard recently and look forward to getting back to playing soon.

One thought on “COM0014- Blog Post #6 – From Piano to Presenter

  1. Your post reminds me that the only way to overcome fears and challenges is to face them head-on and with determination. Facing our fears and doing it anyway is the only way to tame and control them. Speaking or performing in front of a group of others is one of the most prevalent fears of all humans. We are such proud and social people. What others think of us really does matter as in so many ways it should, because we all have to live together and want to be validated, appreciated, accepted and loved. I bet you are an excellent lecturer for having worked at it. Good for you.

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