Time = Less?


Constantly bombarded with shrinking deadlines and  favouring the ‘have to’s we place in prominence over everything we ever really wanted but passed off as trivial or unnecessary?  Does this sound like you?  Yeah, me too..The exercise of slowing down is never an easy feat.  Unless something inescapable or unavoidable confronts our daily marathon: our natural discerning mind justifies its ‘rush’ in favour of doing everything all at once.

Let’s say you’re an alien, some extra-terrestrial being visiting from a remote unknown civilization… what would your observation of our daily struggle with the shackles or time impart?  A fear of time disappearing?  Maybe we see and end and that doesn’t guarantee fulfillment? In my own understanding of who I am and what I do: slowing down feels natural and unavoidable at times.  Remember the last time that you just couldn’t think straight?  You were so caught up on the chaotic nature of everything you’re doing that you need to take a time out and regroup so you’ll collect your thoughts?

Why oh why do we make it such a challenge?  In this hectic world built on deadlines and momentum, what does it mean to be two steps ahead?


This yahoo discussion looks at the relationship between actions and foresight and the world of business.  Thick with competition, the modern job market is led about keeping with the current working and order and more about coming up with the next best thing.

A shared a posting on LinkedIn:

The Merits of Innovation in a Competitive World


Now, in this case, I know it’s all about being the next best thing but it feels more like a conversation about how to stand out from all the rest.  With a brain that’s been steeped in personal branding and all the intricacies of measuring your impact on the world at large (via social media): I feel a bit lost in trying to figure out exactly how to treat the concept of professional development in the here and now.

Being better than all that’s happened before now seems a fairly obvious path for innovators and cutting edge to carve.  But it is a path that can never be thoroughly severed from the past… for in the end: they are the foundation from which our ideas and concepts carry us into the future.  Timeless are those things and ideas that exist without the leash of time, i.e., a universal need that is ever present and will never go away.

Sure, there may be variations and improvements, but modifying and refining or developing new variations on an original idea is always in fashion.  Take panty hose, for instance.  Around the turn of the century, they were known loosely as silks.  They have gone through several generations, each possessing the requisite attachments including garter belt and elastic stays or fasteners.  Whatever we could do to make our daily use of the aforementioned garment: we did.

Any idea… whether its big or small, short of tall is tethered to a human ideal of ‘useful.’  Folly and entertainment or fanciful by the wayside… but ingenuity, sculpting and refining things we use each and every day?  Now that’s a will that will never go out of fashion.  On the threshold of innovation and keeping our hand on the use of all that’s fresh and new and inspiring: social media is where it’s at.


Come on: you know that time is in you to give.

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