What I did on my vacation (COM0014 – Blog Post #1)

an extended period of recreation, especially one spent away from home or in traveling.

Like most people who work on a farm, time off is a rare commodity and this summer I spent most of that time as a 4-H ambassador.  As an ambassador, I had the privilege of promoting the 4-H program, by attending 4-H and community events across the province.
For more info about 4-H check out my blog post Head, Heart, Hand, Health.


The 2015 4-H Ambassadors

One of my favorite events that I attended as an ambassador was the The Royal Agricultural Winter Fair in Toronto. While at the Royal, I was able to assist with the 4-H Go For The Gold competition (a trivia competition about 4-H and 4-H projects) as a scorekeeper.


Region 3 vs region 5 in the championship game

Other events I have attended so far this year are:

  • Three fairs (Embro, Welland and Sutton)
  • Discovery days, a day of hands-on learning about the different parts of 4-H for kids ages 9-12
  • A special 100th anniversary of 4-H event at Canada’s Wonderland with a Leah Daniels concert.
  • A tour put on by the sponsors of the ambassador program GROWMARK FS and UPI Energy LP, with stops at the UPI Bulk Plant (Guelph), GROWMARK Ontario Distribution Centre (Kitchener), FS PARTNERS (Ayr), North Wellington Co-operative Services (Harriston), and a FAST STOP® remotely monitored gas bar (east of Alma)


Working on a farm, being a student and being active in my community, has kept me busy, but if I were to take a vacation I would love to go to the Netherlands.

Where would you go on vacation if you could go anywhere?

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