Business launch on social media – experts opinion needed!

Canada is hockey country. Hockey is everywhere and most of Canadians love hockey. Starting a new Internet store specialized in hockey apparel for moms and hockey lovers we made a three month plan to launch our website on social media. For this blog I didn’t make it time bound but we definitely will do that on practice. Before starting I would like to share our plan with other experts and any different opinion, critic or feedback will be appreciated.

The target audience is Hockey moms, age 30-45 years. They love hockey and actively participate in their kid’s hockey life. They’re proud to be hockey moms. They like to stand out with hockey. They’re active on social media.

Social networking

The long term goal is to retrieve a conversion to the website from social networking by building communication and relationships, learning about target audience life and their needs, sharing our knowledge about hockey and the information about our brands. No direct sales. The short goal is to attract 2000 followers on Facebook and Instagram in four month.

Buzzsumo provides a great tool to check what kind of contest are most popular for the target audience. For our target audience it is obvious that Facebook is a more popular platform than Twitter or Google +. We are planning to put main focus on Facebook and Instagram. Analyzing the content we find that the most popular posts and pictures showing proud hockey moms, how difficult life is for hockey moms, but hockey mom successfully resolve any problems.  For example, an article Problems Only Hockey Parents Understand got 269 shares on Facebook vs article with practical information  Who Said Sports Tournaments Aren’t For The Hockey Moms? has only one share.

Plan for Facebook.

  • Create a daily plan with content placing.
  • Create a business and organization Facebook page.
  • Connect Facebook page with Instagram and Twitter.
  • Place posts daily. For the first month, the timing for placing posts is daily at least once per day at 3 – 4 pm. After a week of posts we have to check on Facebook reports what time is the best time for posting the information. Keep checking Buzzsumo for the content trends.
  • Create and post motivations to like the page on a weekly basis.
  • Create and put cool slogans and pictures related to Hockey.
  • Place link to the article from our blog weekly on Mondays.
  • Place relevant comments on popular groups where is the target audience such as Actively participate in any conversation and answer questions.
  • Monitor the contests sharing and liking and analyze the engagement rate by using
  • Manually and using monitor posts daily from competitors and note those that are more popular.

Plan with Instagram.

  • Connect Instagram page with Facebook and Twitter. Check popular trends daily by checking popular hash tags on
  • Look daily at the pictures of target audience and like which we like. 50-100 likes per day especially on new accounts.
  • Place 10-20 comments daily on target audience top pictures.
  • Download good personal pictures from minor hockey games and pictures from events. Place posts on Monday around 5pm, other days round 3pm, as users are active during the next three hours after posting the information.
  • Name pictures and put locations before downloading.

Plan with the blog.

  • Create articles related to hockey moms, minor hockey, hockey families, hockey tournaments, hockey rules on weekly basis.
  • Create an article based on questions or problems asked on other social media platforms.
  • Follow the top 100 hockey mom bloggers. Place comments on their blogs.

Plan with Twitter.

  • Main goal for this platform is to share the information about Twitter – sharing the information about offline schedule.
  • Check top 10 hashtags on before putting posts.

After first three month of starting we plan to add the pages on Pinterest as this platform is visited mostly by women and it can be an additional opportunity.

If you have any ideas and feedback about our plan I will be happy to see that in comments.

Thank you!

2 thoughts on “Business launch on social media – experts opinion needed!

  1. Hi Arina,
    Your concept of business is an interesting one and I personally do not know of another online business like it which currently exists, but I also do not watch hockey so I’m not shopping for it :p

    It’s a bit unclear as to what type of website you will be running, but you mentioned you want to have an online store and blog? My suggestion would be to combine the two; don’t have one blog site and one e-commerce site. That can be confusing and most people in the age-bracket you’re looking to target probably won’t be looking for visit two separate sites each time they want to read your blog or purchase an item. So having a website with both the blog and your e-commerce store on one hosting site would probably be ideal and beneficial for all.

    When it comes to Instagram, you may consider doing some research about popular hockey hashtags. This is especially true for Twitter and Facebook as well, actually. For instance, you can Google or even just search directly on Instagram for the most popular hockey-related hashtags being used, and make sure to use those on Instagram posts. Do the same for Twitter and for Facebook. Most photos and posts on Instagram that people discover are done via hashtag, so they will likely play an important role in your Instagram success.

    If you’re going to be connecting your Instagram & Twitter to Facebook, you may be careful about how much you’re actually posting. For instance, posting 4 different posts between 3-4pm might be a bit much, and if people follow you on Instagram, they won’t care about seeing that same photo posted to your FB page from Instagram.

    You also mention having an FB page for your business and organization. Are they not the same thing? Why have an org and a business? I’m slightly fuzzy on that part, but my advice would be to use just one Facebook page, make it a business page, and leave it at that. You can still include links to your blog/site, etc.

  2. Hi Jacalyn, thank you for your comments and detailed tips. It is exactly what I was looking for. You are right that page for business and organisation is not the same so thank you that you noticed that. Your feedback is much appreciated as I can use all the information and tips during my planning and launch! Better to know before than after the fact…

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