If Your Online Persona Was a Flavor

I came across and interesting article recently on Mashable which really got me thinking about online persona. The article (found here) was quite intriguing and I recommend that everyone take a moment to check it out. It’s really worth the read.

Okay, so what am I talking about??

There’s a company called Talenti, which makes yummy gelato in a vast array of flavors. Recently, they came up with a very creative way of incorporating our online personalities into ice cream flavors.

Yes, you read that correctly.

Basically, the company came up with an algorithm which takes your most-used words from your social media feeds and places them into a flavor index. Each word is then catorgized under sweet, salty, spicy, bitter and sour. You simply get started with your flavor profile here and Talenti does the rest.

What do the results tell us about our online persona?

Well, for one, the results can indicate what kind of person you are online and help you recognize whether your online persona is the one you want to have representing you on social media. This is especially important for those using social media to grow a brand or business. If you’re a mostly sour, bitter or spicy person, this may be reflective of your online attitude and how you come across to others online. You can use the results to ask yourself: is this how I want my followers to see me?

Your results can also be indicative of how you interact with others. Let’s say your flavour tips more to the sour or bitter side. Is this because the words you are using on social media are negative, sarcastic, narcissistic, etc? What kind of words are you using during your interactions with others? Is your flavor indicative of how you treat your audience/followers online?

Another aspect of the flavor test is your online image. Everyone is a brand and we all have an online image. How and what you post on social media, the words you use, the links you share, the people you connect with…all of this factors into your online (and offline) brand. If you’re a mostly bitter, sour flavor, chances are those results also stem from how you come across as an online persona. If you’re trying to build a brand or business, that can spell bad news for the initial and future success of your company.

I took the flavor test to figure out my own online persona, here’s my flavor:
“Strawberry Crepe Bourbon Spice Earl Grey.”
So, if I were a gelato flavor, that’s what I’d be.

The results tell me a few things:
1. For the most part, I have a nice online persona. I mean, “strawberry crepe” and “earl grey” don’t exactly scream “negative nelly!” They do sort of make me sound like an eldery woman, though.
2. Perhaps the “bourbon” is an indication that I’m at least mature online, which I like to think I am anyway. I do not interact with negative people online nor do I have any online drama.
3. The “spice” result indicates that I may have a bit of a fiery personality, perhaps there’s an aspect to my online persona relating to that.

Overall, I don’t think I have a bad “flavor.” And the results indicate to me that my efforts to have a positive “brand” and online persona, are working out for the best.

Will you take the test? You never know, you could end up finding tasty results (yeah, that was lame. I know).

4 thoughts on “If Your Online Persona Was a Flavor

  1. Excellent way of breaking down the ‘online persona’ condition. So, do we tweak or change up our flavour? I expect that it will age sightly… I’m thinking wine or cheese– so aging will probably be the relationships/reputation/rapport we build with our audience. They’ll come back with a craving or because they like how we fast, right?

    • If by “fast” you mean “taste” then yes ha ha 🙂 I agree. I think the Talenti flavor “game” was a neat way of telling people “this is how nice or not you are online.” While it’s not all about being “nice,” the game did show me that the words and attitude I have online are mostly positive. The flavor for others can be indicative of what they should change or try doing differently.

  2. Such an interesting way to look at online personality types. I like that it is an program picking out words and phrases to analyze rather than it being done by a person – would make the feedback much easier to take, especially if it’s pointing out negative trends or habits.
    I look forward to reading the article!

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