COM0011 – Blog #5 – Long Distance Relationships , and Do They Work?

hand-in-hand-with-the-sun-1In this post I will be looking into if long distance relationships work, and why they do or do not. I will be providing personal experiences I have had, and other stories from friends and family. So I will not have to really have to do much research on the topic since it is all first hand information.


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Over the years I have had the experience to jump into the online dating and meeting people through friends, but out of social media places, I met the love of my life on a site which only allows you to write only with 150 characters. Yup, you’ve guessed it. Twitter!

A lot of people are skeptical about dating people online because they’re afraid of not being able to trust the other person in most cases. I honestly think at the beginning of my relationships I have had trust issues, because you’re not always with that person and you don’t know how loyal they are. But after a while you figure out the kind of person and it is well worth it.

I have a couple of friends who met their husbands online through video games, out of all places you would think. One of my friends met her husband on World of Warcraft and my other friend met her husband over Halo. I was honored to be able to go to their weddings.


Rachel and I at my friends wedding.

I messaged Rachel one day after she posted a picture of her dressed up as a character from Archer (cartoon). I creeped her a little I guess you can say and took a look at her online portfolio (she’s a graphics designer). I messaged her the same evening after looking and when Twitter only allowed 150 characters being sent over private messages made things awkward, so she suggested we moved our conversation to Facebook messages. I think it was a day later she gave me her number and we were talking over iMessage, and then we talked over Facetime. The months flew by and in June we finally met when she came all the way from Iowa to come see me for my birthday. Since the first time in June, she has came back to see me every month in person and we talk on Facetime all the time. She’s coming back in less than a week, and I’m going to finally make my trip back with her to Iowa.

So my advice if you want to try a long distance relationship is to NEVER give up on it. Even when you miss talking to them, or seeing them in person, it will work out in the end! (Well for most of the time anyways)

6 thoughts on “COM0011 – Blog #5 – Long Distance Relationships , and Do They Work?

  1. I have never been in a long distance relationship before, but I personally feel that they do work as long as you and your partner are both on the same page and equally putting in the same amount of energy, time and effort into keeping the relationship on track. Trust is also a huge factor – you must trust each other or it will not work. That’s really interesting that you met your girlfriend on Twitter! I have to admit I have never heard of meeting someone on Twitter before but with the booming online and social media dating trends coming out, anything is possible! I’m curious, what made you want to message her in the first place? How did you come across her on Twitter? Did you both have open accounts? Very authentic way to meet! Wish you the best and hope it works out for you both!

  2. Good question. That is a tough call. I would certainly believe a high level of trust would have to be involved in order for a long distance romance to be a smashing success. Second biggest factor is how much time and priority would person x put into a long distance social media relationship? How much would you value person z from Y Land over your own priorities? Personally I don’t think I could commit to a long term relationship, while part one, I may have a high level of trust in person Y, my current situation of full time work, looking for another job that pays more than my current one, and taking two part time courses, just does not allow me the time efficiencies to do this. I am sure there is many people like me in that boat too, who probably would not make the time to do long distance relationships. Nonetheless, I wish you all the best. Its a nice story. All the best.

  3. I think long distance relationships with the help of social media and technology can totally work. I think being able to see and talk to a person in a video chat as well as being about to see their life unfold online (on Facebook etc) helps to make you feel like you are together. I also think that this helps build one’s communication skills – which is key to maintaining a successful realtionship. I can not imagine how hard it must have been for people when they just had the phone and high long distance rates to deal with.
    I often think of couples who are separated when one is on a military tour – and how much technology helps keep them together and in touch with their kids. It totally works and is worth it.

  4. I too met my husband online. We chatted for several months before agreeing to meet. It was hard not being able to see each other and to wonder what he was doing all day but, it was great getting to know someone this way without all the pressure of “normal” dating. We finally got to a point in our relationship where we talked about meeting each other. Turns out my long distance online relationship was not so long distance; he lived across the street from me! That is how I knew we were meant to be.

  5. I have met my husband offline but we have a long distance relationships for couple years. We definitely would give up without Skype. I find that new technologies let us learn about each other, start to build trust and have fun. It was almost like a real life relationships. During our online relationships we also visited each other and had a chance to know each other personally. I think it is a key for long distance relationships. I have an example when one of my friends had long distance relationships for more than three years, she was in love, she had believed that they would soon be together but her friend always had reasons why they could not meet in real life. For some reason he preferred to just send lovely messages but not to go any further. I think having long distance relationships we should be aware that some people would use messaging for some other motivations but not for building the future.

  6. I have not been in a long distance relationship and wonder what my teenage years would have been like if we had social media back then. I do believe that social media is a great opportunity to helping young and older people meet new people. You do not hear too often someone meeting someone in a bar, it’s online. I came from a small town so you really didn’t have the chance to get to the city to meet people. There are so many more opportunities to meet people online and helps keep communicating stronger than in the years past when long distance calls were expensive, and waiting on mail letters. Now you can facetime, skype etc. making you feel that your closer and able to socialize a lot more. I still feel the distance would be a challenge but probably easier to manage.

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