COM0014: Personal Reflection


  Let the beauty of what you love be what you do.     – Rumi


Storytelling holds to be one of the best communication tools.

Lesson 1 emphasizes styling. Telling your story in your own way represents your uniqueness as an individual. One can have multiple styles depending on the audience. Lesson 1 also encourages to first listen in order to grow. Expression is a two-way street with the ultimate goal of connecting.

Lesson 2 taught us the inverted triangle: a method in effectively relaying information. Storytelling is an exchange of knowledge that happens after connecting.

Lesson 3 restates the importance of listening. Because storytelling is a two-way street, who you tell your story to should shape your communication style. The goal after exchanging knowledge is to be understood.

Lesson 4 gave us the dialogues between businesses and consumers, between other businesses, and to government. The way you engage dictates the type of relationship you will create.

To be represented, to express yourself, to learn and understand, and form relationships are all the micro-phenomena that happen through storytelling. Creating online content in your image is forming your digital identity. Acquiring an audience is like making friends. To find out what kind of story you want to tell, you need a bit of soul-searching. Everyone wants to play a unique role in the world. For me, I feel like I want to deepen common understanding between us all. That means, I will be paying most attention to the audience-listening, in order to create content that can clarify, reach out, and eventually break any barrier or negativity.

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