COM 0011 – Branding a new service organization using social media

I work for a dynamic organization where things are changing rapidly. Just a few months ago, we’ve merged with a new service and ended up creating a brand-new service to the federal government.

Now, everything has to be done for that new service: from creating a brand to dealing with media, to creating a social media interest and I have to admit it’s a little overwhelming at times.

There’s so many things to do and so many steps to follow, but I found this blog which was really helpful, I think. We’re still currently strategizing and have been doing so for a while. I believe this is an ongoing process.

We’re also bound to a set of policies and statements that were clearly established which I would compare to briefs.

We’ve done research in the format of consultations with partners, employees and supervisors, as well as more academic researches on social media, marketing, communications, etc.

The research previously mentioned also serves as our gauge of our audience.

I can’t say we have much competition as the service is unique, but if I could, I would have used the research we’ve done with our audience.

Now point 6 (Don’t Rely on the Logo) is quite funny as we’ve been told the opposite by all three groups during our strategic consultations, despite us (communications and strategic experts) telling them the logo was not everything… So, I’m wondering, how are we supposed, as communications experts, to convince our clients a logo isn’t everything? I’ve been in communications for over five years and it’s not the first time I am confronted with this issue. I’ve always managed to distract previous clients from their ˝need for a logo˝, but this time, maybe because they’re new, nothing seems to work…

On the other hand, my colleague on the file also raised an important point on which the participants (finally!) agreed: the brand goes beyond any communication products and should include all aspects of the service we provide, e.g. the attitude of our employees towards their clients and the value they add to the government.

I kind of laughed at point 7 and the en vogue visuals: even if I wanted to bring those to our clients, it’s government we’re talking here… we’re not known for moving fast! J

Restraint is more what I’m used to do and, with the creation of our logo (yes, we do have one as of this week!), we’ve actually managed to create a very good efficient identifier (simple lines, simple element, easy to remember and see).

That last point, Spot what’s Special, is key to any communications strategy, and in my opinion is the most important thing to remember. If you can spot the unique elements and highlight them, you’re half way there to create an awesome brand… J

4 thoughts on “COM 0011 – Branding a new service organization using social media

  1. I like the kind of article you are referring to – advice broken down into a nice clear list. It helps me absorb a series of ideas or steps, and when well-written the piece isn’t necessarily simplistic. It was interesting to see how the 10 tips related to your own experience, and you have a nice chatty style as you think it through. If I can make a suggestion, when you say ” I found this blog”, it would help the reader if you then included the title of the blog post. Then the reader has an idea what the blog post is about and can decide whether to check it out right away, or keep reading your piece.

    • Thanks Sabrina! Great point about adding the topic of the blog post, wish I had thought about it! 🙂 Definitely something I’ll keep in mind for my next references 🙂
      This article really resonated with what I want to achieve for the organization and it helped me think out my future social media strategy and also find what I might have been doing/thinking wrong… 🙂

  2. Really great real life anecdote. I like the point about clients being logo centric. It’s true. Often the client is in a rush to create that symbol when it really should be what makes the offering unique and simply what makes the offering what it is that should be the focus. One solution might be to approach it as many writers do; don’t create the title before you finish the piece. I really liked the reference blog as well, saved the link!

    • Thanks for the comment 🙂
      I would say most of my clients have that “logo centric phase” at one point or the other, but that’s part of the job… This specific one though is at a totally different level! haha!

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