The L8test BREAKING BrAnD…

Brands are like a box of breakfast cereal… Secure in the knowledge that we always pretty much know what we’re going to get while breaking fast.

In a market that’s flooded with inspiration and ideas and photos of everything under the sun, the modern surfer has acquired a useful criteria with which they rank their findings.  Google seems to be the common denominator.  If you don’t appear on the first page that your search engine coughs up: good luck.  Now, that’s not to suggest that people who are seriously looking for something specific won’t delve into the massive depths of google’s index to find exactly what they’re looking for.

And once you’ve got yourself held high in the rankings? That’s where the real fun begins:

  • What does the public want?
  •  Do you serve a conscious or unconscious need?
  • Solving anyone’s problem are we?



According to a recent study, Microsoft has  determined that Human beings have a shorter attention span than gold fish.

UK Telegraph?


Social Media has broadened the horizons so far that it can almost feel, at times, like you’re a grain of sand trying to stand out from a preverbal beach of competition—

A tree?  How’d you like to be a tree, in a forest, for this part of our discussion?  Now, choose a species.  We’ll fix the season and call it summer time. (Yay is the roar from the crowd!!) So… you can be green all year round or not: it doesn’t matter in the slightest.  Let’s imagine, for a minute, that your customer/patron/fan is planning on doing some modest landscaping on their property.  Are you the tree that will fulfill all their wildest dreams and fantasies?

I’ve always thought of myself as a pear tree.  Not quite sure why, but it came to me so I’ll work with it.  In the big bad world of tree farming, I know that there’d be a whole lot of competition at the nursery to be the next big ‘find.’  Being fondled and sized and admired in the hopes that some discerning, sophisticated connoisseur of timbers might take you home with them. Oooh… It’s almost a visit to an orphanage of sorts…. What will make you a perfect fit?

———————> Flash forward to my Ah-hah moment

October 28th, 2015… Around 15h00 E.S.T.

I’m sitting on a crowded OC-Transpo bus while we’re all enduring the worst bout of stormy weather that we’ve had in quite some time.  Trying not to think about how wet I already felt and how much wetter I was going to get in the not so distant future, I looked down at my lap.  In my periphery, I saw a knapsack… and it made me think about my feet.

And then I’m thinking (in my head bccause that’s what nice normal girls do when you’re not looking):

“Hey, my feet and images-7your Meet my feetknapsack have something in common!?!!”


it’s not always about what makes us different from everybody else.


Sure, it’s fun to ‘stand out from the crowd’— but that really only gets you to the pitch!  Making the sale is also about what we have in common!!

  • How can we relate?
  • Is it obvious that I have a clue about what’s important to you?
  • And is it important to me to?

And there, folks, we have the perennially awkward, avoidable and unanswered question that’s baffled marketeers for centuries.  

Will it ever find an answer?  I honestly don’t know that I could tell you… Maybe it’s all about the universal powers of H?

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