COM0011 Blog#3 How to start sell handmade items through social networking

A few days ago one of my former colleagues asked me to like her post on Facebook about her hobby. She is now knitting small toys, which she has started as a small business. She mentioned to me that if somebody asks me about her toys, that I should let them know that she can make individual orders and mail them, she can even send them overseas. Of course I will press “like”, not a big deal I really do like her little dolls – they look amazing, creative and very original but I don’t think anybody will ask me questions about her toys. The Internet is full of information and it is too complicated to ask questions if you can find something else by just clicking once or twice. So I decided to look at my friends post and there were no pictures, just a few words about her toys. You can find pictures in the photo album of her personal profile. Sounds a little problematical for modern spoiled consumers…

This story showed me that some people, who start small businesses, absolutely do not have a vision of how social media can really help them with their sales. I have decided to help my friend and created small step by step instructions to help her jump into the social media world.

  • Define your target audience, describe the product by “delicious” words, create unique trade offers and make good eye-catching pictures. Making handmade items is not a very easy process, you create them with a lot of love and personality. Be ready to tell people about that.
  • Create accounts in websites focused on handmade items such as,,,, It will help you to find customers who are looking for something original, handmade and with a lot of love and care.
  • Start your blog where you can tell people about your ideas, history of arts and ways to use your items. Crafterminds offers  a detailed digest on how to start a blog, what to write, tips for writers, how to connect your blog with social networking
  • Create your business page on social networking. Social Media Examiner provides a great explanation on how to create business pages and starting a business on FacebookInstagram, Twitter, Pinterest. You can also consider starting a micro blog on Tumblr. Provide detailed information on your profile and ensure that all your accounts are connected, that will help facilitate finding you on the Internet. Use social networking to inform your potential customers about your products, special offers, and new items. Do not use it for direct sales, you can add links to your craft account or to your blog.
  • Consistently add the information about your products to social networking and have fun! Enjoy communicating with new people and finding new ways to tell about your special items.

Looks like a simple handy plan. Please leave comments if you find that some other important information can be useful for my friend’s handmade products business.

Or maybe I will start to use my plan and your advice soon!


4 thoughts on “COM0011 Blog#3 How to start sell handmade items through social networking

  1. I absolutely love this topic! Being in a community of crafters, myself, the question always come up from my friends about how best to get their name and product(s) out there for all to see…and buy! I really like how you got your friend to focus on the target market. I find, often, many people think too big, too quickly. She may even wish to set out a mission statement and at least two or three goals (using the SMART method)! I wish her, and you, well in the crafting business!!

  2. Thank you for your feedback, I agree that it is very important to have a mission and short term goals to start using SMART method. I will pass along your recommendations to my friend.

  3. I see a lot of this on my feed as well, and I do what I can to disseminate as well. I completely agree with pattiehultquist’s comment re: people thinking too big, a lot of my friends think the first step for social media is a full-on aggressive campaign and constant posting, not realizing that business social media and personal social media are very, very different. To be perfectly honest I even started un-following some of my very good friends because they were posting constantly about their side projects, sometimes posting the same message on a daily basis. It gets repetitive and redundant, not to mention just irritating – after all, if we’re friends and I’ve added you to Facebook that doesn’t mean I’m cool with your constant requests for purchases, it means I want to stay in touch with you. Very interesting post 🙂

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