COM0015: The strong and the weak


Do you listen to Hot 89.9? I do. Every morning. For over 10 years!
I decided to highlight one of Ottawa’s top radio stations because I find the DJs and their promotions very engaging and inviting. They mention social media accounts quite often so I wanted to know if they’re engagement transcends onto the digital space. From my findings, Hot 89.9 has strong social media skills! DJs encourage discussions on air to be continues online.


They post regularly and every couple of hours.
Each DJ posts on the page and signs their name on their behalf.
They do not forget to stay true to their medium (music) through posts with music-related topics.
They engage in conversational topics.
They participate in trends (conversation pieces during their shows)
Overall, they maintain a friendly and positive vibe.

42.6K followers @newhot899, individual DJs have 10K+ followers

Most DJs are active.
Twitter engagement is sometimes discussed on air.
DJs are often consistent in posting on all platforms

Cohesive but more about events and its updates



On Instagram, there are updates on their Bras Across The Bridge fundraiser for the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation

Hot 89.9 posts current events, affiliates, and interactions throughout the city
Concerts, contests, updates, news, charities, fundraisers — all are posted on all platforms


They even have apps!


I decided to stick to another radio station – CFRA. A radio station that is a news outlet rather than about music. They have a much more serious appeal but should still have a social media plan as they have also relevant information for the well-informed listener.

10.5 K Likes

Regular posts on current events.
Fair amount of relevant topics and asking audience opinions.


Mostly retweets.
Original tweets are mostly news prompts.
Little information on CFRA team and its outreach.

No Instagram.

Very few.
Reposting of other city events.
I realize that they are not a station full of endorsements and prized like Hot 89.9 but they could still have more audience engagement.

Why I believe CFRA is a weak organization in terms of social media is that I don’t get a distinct brand from other local news sources. They fail to form a unique identity that as a whole, they are not that far off from a retweeter bot or third-party news outlet gathering local news for Ottawa.


I thought I would look at their slogan to get a feel of their brand… only to find out it was “News. Talk. Radio” lol

I still like CFRA though. Because they’re so informative!

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