United Arab Emirates social media Apps the ‘most active’ in the Arab World in 2015

Exaggeration over the risks of using social media in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has been refuted by a recent report of Social Media in the Arab World, which indicated that citizens, residents, and visitors of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), are the most active users on Instagram App, Twitter App  in the Arab World in 2015, and are leading Facebook App usages in the countries of the Gulf Corporation Council (GCC).

Instagram app UAE usage Twitter app UAE usageFacebook app UAE usage

The Arab Social Media report, issued by Arab Social Media Influences Summit, indicated that UAE continues to lead social media usages in the Arab World. Of all the Arab World users, UAE social media users scored the highest rate for daily Instagram (53%) and Twitter (45%) access via their smartphones and tablets.  UAE Facebook App users are most active users in the GCC countries, scoring 87% of the total users who visit Facebook App through smartphone and tablets.

LinkedIn UAE 2014The 2015 report indicators are consistent with the rates that the study of 2014 UAE Social Media Outlook, conducted by Mohamed Bin Rashid School of Government in Dubai. The study showed UAE Facebook users as one of the highest penetrating rates (60.4%) and indicated “persistent growth” of Facebook usage. UAE also was considered the most influential Arab country for LinkedIn users, scoring 25.2%.

Fear of using social media in the UAE was exaggerated by a single report in TheSydney Morning Healed, suggesting that UAE is a dangerous place for social media use. The report was based on an Australian expat, who violated the Cyber Crime Law.

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