COM0014 – Blog Post #3: Who Is Your Audience?

Knowing your audience is so important to me in my job & career – in fact everything is catered around it. What topics will I cover, what music is played, who I am speaking to … it all boils down to knowing my audience.


After researching, I discovered that females ages 18-45 are my main demographic. These ladies are educated, fabulous, are in a relationship or married and have 1 child [so far] who is young. They’re interested in music, pop culture, fun facts, “throwback posts” and interesting “life tips.” She likes to cook, be healthy & essentially be the best she can be – always wanted to improve on herself.

The most effective way I have to connecting with my audience is through social media – specifically Facebook, my website, Instagram & Twitter (in that order). The older end of the demographic tends to use Facebook more, as it has been around longer and she is used to it. My website is also important for communicating and being consistent with content/posts – we are creatures of habit. Instagram is something still new to the older female, as well as Twitter. Those 2 platforms are used to target the younger end of the demographics, as
they are both actively used.


For my website, the strategies being used is a blog calendar for organizing, scheduling and creating content. As far as social media goes, I have a separate content template that I used so I can keep track of what content went in what hour the day before, etc so fresh content is constantly rotating as well as specific things are being promoted effectively (ie: blog posts, upcoming events, etc)

How do you connect with your audience? What platforms have you found most effective with communicating with your audience?

xo Amanda

One thought on “COM0014 – Blog Post #3: Who Is Your Audience?

  1. Hi Amanda, I really like your idea of a content template. I am a visual person so seeing things laid out in a spreadsheet or dashboard type format is really helpful not only for tracking, but seeing trends. I came across this blog with a couple of interesting formats for SM audit and content templates, indicators that be of use if you’re not using them already! Cheers, Danielle

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