COM0011 – Blog #3 Vinyl DJing vs Digital

Since the introduction digital DJing in the 90’s the argument of what is better: Digital or Vinyl DJing has been occurring. There are a lot of advantages and disadvantages of either methods of DJing. I will go through the reasons given by the research I have found, and my personal opinion as I DJ from time to time.


Pioneer CDJ-2000 Nexus © Pioneer

I’ve been searching the internet looking at the opinion of DJ’s around the world using variety of methods example: vinyl with turntables, CDJ’s (compact disk players), Midi controllers and time encoded vinyl used with computer software. I personally use CDJ’s and vinyl. While doing my research I have come across many people saying that it is all up to the DJ and what they prefer.

Pioneer PLX-1000 Professional Turntable © Pioneer

Pioneer PLX-1000 Turntable © Pioneer

I did some questioning using Facebook asking fellow DJ’s what they thought of the argument of “Vinyl vs Digital”, and  I have compiled some comments which appeared the most often:

Pro Vinyl

  • “Digital format makes it far too easy to arrange pre mixed sets which is happening everywhere, which, in my opinion isn’t dj’ing.”
  • “Vinyl offers a much warmer, deeper sound, using vinyl puts the dj in closer contact with the music and takes more skill to master.”
  • “Technically speaking sound quality is better with vinyl then with cd’s because there is no compression.”

Pro Digital

  • “Digital provides all the benefits of analogue DJing; without any of the drawbacks.”
  • “There is a reason why even the most dedicated group of vinyl purists, the scratchers, went digital. It’s because it’s better.”
  • “Digital allows you to add things instantly and also if there are sudden songs or whatever you don’t have you can download rather than not use them because you don’t have them”

By the looks of how the survey went with the DJ’s and music enthusiasts, it seems to be seen as it all depends on what you prefer and it doesn’t matter on which method you use. I use vinyl and CDJ’s while I am at home and for the convenience when going to gigs, controllers and CDJ’s would be my choice.

Pioneer DDJ SX2 Controller © Pioneer

Pioneer DDJ SX2 Controller © Pioneer

What format of music do you prefer? Listening to your music on a record player or would you prefer listening to it on a digital format ie. CD or MP3?

2 thoughts on “COM0011 – Blog #3 Vinyl DJing vs Digital

  1. I remember having a conversation with a producer while I was still in Toronto… and it’s always stuck with me.: the truest, most authentic recording is on vinyl. Digital media and CDS and mp3s are farther removed from the origin of sound. From my perspective, I work at a music studio and media production house; so this topic stays pretty fresh in my listening.

    Technology has evolved to replicate and store songs in a manner that fascinates easier sharing and music-lovers on the go. It’s a sign of the times, I know, but I’ve got my own collection of LPs. My challenge? Getting a turntable that’s compact and portable that isn’t pricy. My appreciation for LPs has evolved from having them buried in a box in storage to making them a fixture in my work space. .. I think they’re wanting me to bring home a turntable so they can sing and keep in practice. lol Sure, some might call it a waste of space… but I appreciate the timeless authentic way that music was capture on vinyl. They prospered in a time when music was still a sought after art form… when every Tom, DIck, or Harry couldn’t just slap tracks together on their laptop and call it art.

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