COM014 – Blog #4 – B2C Case Study

Company: Coca-Cola

How is Coca-Cola engaging with its audience online 

As Coca-Cola is one of the most recognizable brands in the world, it only seems natural that its social media strategy is to engage, rather than a push-tactic to draw customers.

How is Coca-Cola using Social Media 

With the primary audience being women, Coca-Cola current has:

  • Over 93 million likes on its Facebook page. The page is generally used to ask questions and post polls.
  • Over 3.1 million followers on its Twitter page, with 143k tweets. Tweets are generally used to respond to @mentions. Twitter interactions are used for communicating, not for pushing out messages.
  • Over 8.3k followers on Pinterest. Coca-Cola ran a competition on Pinterest whereby individuals had to create a new board and pin four autumn fashion images using a hashtag (#TakeMeToNYC).
  • Over 2 million followers and over 59 million views on Google+. Coca-Cola is also experimenting with Hangouts.

Undoubtedly, with the number of followers per platform, along with company messaging, the Coca-Cola brand is still going strong. The “Share a Coke” campaign, where given names appear on cans/bottles is all the rage! Organically, individuals will post a picture of themselves to their social media pages illustrating themselves with their “name branded” product. It is clear that their approach to social media (and branding) is working.

Does your name appear on Coca-Cola bottles/cans?

This summer Coca-Cola is selling personalized bottles that feature 250 popular names. (Photo:                              Photo:

One thought on “COM014 – Blog #4 – B2C Case Study

  1. I enjoyed this post. I thought their campaign with the names on the bottles was brilliant although I’m sure it was a costly one. It accomplished a number of promo initiatives. I saw friends posting their bottles on Facebook when they successfully found their names, so they had consumers extending their advertising audience. It had me searching through bins, and while looking for my name; I took note of their inclusiveness as I came across many multicultural names during my search. I did eventually find my name and I still have that unopened bottle. I may actually drink it some day, I’m not really even a pop drinker and I’m not sure why I’m keeping it. I guess with all that searching it seems like a trophy.

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