COM0014 – Storytelling & Communication Styles

Storytelling is my life. Every night, I go to work and talk for a living. I share stories, news & file000779805174information with millions. Storytelling is probably one of the most important things I do every single day.

So how does digital communication, communication styles and the introverted triangle have to
do with what I do?

Well, just like writing – whether it’s print or online/blogging – the same rules apply for word of mouth. You’ll have to get the most important information out first – “hook” the audience. Then details emerge. This translates with blogging as well. What is that snippet teaser you’re going to write about before you hit that “more” tab? What will make your readers want to click it?

You always want to know how you’re going to end the story as well. What information do you want to convey? How will the story come back around to close it off properly? One suggestion I have is to point form your story first. It gives you an opportunity to think the story through & make sure you’re including all the details.

IMG_20141118_181231Don’t forget to proofread your story. Does it make sense? Is it clear & concise? We all have that habit of accidentally
missing a key on the keyboard (oh, that’s just me & my crummy laptop one? Ok, got it – hehe). When you make simple mistakes, it takes away your credibility. Writing in the active voice is also encouraged – when you speak, do you refer to yourself in a third person? Or in the past? No, you tell the story as it is.

Last but not least – my own personal rule – is to always be yourself. Be real. That’s where the magic comes from when you tell a story.

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