The power of Social Media – COM0011 – Introduction to Social Media Post #2

Even though I haven’t been a huge social media user, the power of the medium has significantly affected me. A few years ago I started a Facebook account. I was stunned with how many rediscovered old friends and even a long lost distant relative I found.

One of these people is my oldest friend going back to elementary school in Montreal. A few years after getting married she and her husband moved to Israel. Eventually I moved to Ottawa. Distance and life got in the way and we lost touch. About a day after I signed up on Facebook I got a message asking if it was me. And so we found each other!

My adorable mom

My adorable mom

After a while I became tired of posting photos of the cake I baked for New Year’s Eve and seeing photos of the soup someone else brewed in another city. I realized I actually needed to spend real time with my family. My dad passed away and I regretted not recording his stories. I didn’t want to miss that opportunity with my elderly mother. And so I’m afraid my Facebook account grew some cobwebs.

The last few years I’ve been scanning family photos and documents. After a good meal with my mom, we’d sit and she’d tell me about her remarkable life as I inconspicuously recorded her on my i-Phone. My mom is a holocaust survivor (as was my dad). They escaped Hungary and communism during the 1956 uprising under harrowing circumstances.

A few days ago I received a Facebook email from my friend in Israel. So I dusted off the cobwebs from my account and checked it out and rediscovered her a 2nd time. It turns out she went back to school and received her PhD as a Holocaust researcher.

She’s coming to Ottawa very soon in October to give a lecture “In Memory and Remembrance” Commemorating the 70th Anniversary of the ‘liberation’ of the Jews. Now I would never have known that without social media. And on top of everything I’ll get to see her again in real time after- well I don’t want to say how many years!

2 thoughts on “The power of Social Media – COM0011 – Introduction to Social Media Post #2

  1. That’s so cool! And what a neat coincidence that your friend would have received her education as a Holocaust researcher and your parents have historical experience with that. Pretty neat to think how closely people are tied even across great distances!

  2. It’s so amazing that you shared the story of your school friend, meeting her after long time through Facebook. While reading your blog I was recollecting my friends and relatives who are living in different parts of the world, now together under one roof – Facebook.

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