COM0014 – Blog #1: What I did on my summer staycation

After a very long and horrible Prince Edward Island winter, I was looking forward to a nice, warm (ok hot) and sunny summer. It took a little bit to get here but once it did, it really was great.

While I like to travel away to other places, it takes a lot for me to leave my home province in the summer. Prince Edward Island regularly serves up great entertainment, food and beaches and I took all of that in.

I am a beach person and spent time at my favorite spots, as well as some places that I get to see less frequently.   From West Point to Basin Head and with a good mix of PEI’s North Shore in between, I got to enjoy the sun and the sand fairly frequently this summer.

Ross Lane Beach

Ross Lane Beach

Living on an island means there is an abundance of coast line and much of it can be appreciated as beach space. My go to spot is Ross Lane Beach, which is part of the Prince Edward Island National Park. Located a short drive from Charlottetown, on PEI’s north shore, this is a quiet little beach with parking, sand and proximity to friends’ cottages.  I took this picture around supper time after the surf guards had finished for the day.  It was too nice a day for me to go home.

When I have a little more time I enjoy spending time at Basin Head Provincial Park. Situated in the eastern part of the province, the beach and surroundings make for a great day trip from Charlottetown or other parts of the province. Named Canada’s number one beach by in 2013, this surf guard supervised location is known for its ‘singing sands’.   The sand squeaks when you walk in it – take a listen to it here in my short video – apologies in advance for the voice over by my friend trying to tell me a story.

So when I wasn’t busy soaking up the sun and the sand, I spent some time enjoying some other things PEI has to offer – the food and entertainment.

About half way between Charlottetown and the Confederation Bridge (PEI’s fixed span link to New Brunswick) you will find the community of Victoria-by-the-Sea. Known for its little shops and theater, ‘Victoria’ also is home to a few nice places to eat including the Lobster Barn Pub and Eatery. It serves LOTS of local flavours and has become one of my favorite spots!

I also had the chance to take in one of PEI’s local favorite pastimes – story telling. The Four Tellers was staged at the King’s Playhouse and ran to sold out crowds Monday evenings throughout the summer. This popular source of entertainment, generally humourous, included stories of local characters from the past and present and sometimes most often embellished.

Have you had the chance to visit PEI? What was the favourite part of your trip??


2 thoughts on “COM0014 – Blog #1: What I did on my summer staycation

  1. I have not had an opportunity to visit PEI but I most certainly will! I have heard nothing but wonderful things from a friend of mine who visits annually. I don’t blame you for sticking around for the summer months – there’s too much going on to miss out 🙂

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