COM0011 – Blog 4 – Hootsuite vs. Buffer App

If you’re like me, and feel as if maintaining various social media accounts would require a leave of absence from work just to generate and manage content, then you’ve probably considered using a social media management tool to keep your affairs in order.

The popular Buffer App and Hootsuite have become mainstream tools to publish your social media content on a pre-arranged schedule. The idea is that you can set up all your upcoming posts to publish at a future time of your choice on whichever outlet you feel is appropriate. This means that you can set it up in the middle of the night or whenever you actually have time, and be able to carry on with your day whilst posts go up onto your accounts at their scheduled time.

The main advantage of this is that your content isn’t all clumped together in one time period, which can lead to follower drop-off. Another advantage is that you can write/organize your content when YOU are most inspired, but post them when user engagement rates are highest. Finally, you are much more likely to publish content regularly if you are submitting it to a social media management tool at your convenience.

When comparing Buffer to Hootsuite, there are several factors to consider. The general consensus is that Buffer is quite a bit simpler than Hootsuite. While both platforms offer scheduling and analytics, Hootsuite offers other features such as viewing your Twitter feed and interacting with followers from within the app.

Both companies offer paid plans with extra features and increased posting and user limits for business and agency use. However, despite its shortcomings in terms of features, Buffer’s simplicity allows for a more streamlined user experience and focuses on the posting of content directly, which can be more convenient for users.

On top of this, Buffer’s analytics are more concise (and free) to view post performance and “re-buffer” as needed.

Hootsuite vs Buffer

Comparison of the Hootsuite interface on top, and the simpler Buffer App on the bottom.

In conclusion, both tools are excellent additions to your social media practice. You can even use both, so as to take full advantage of each of their strengths and see which one suits your needs.

Lastly, a team of Canadians out of Vancouver developed Hootsuite, so if you’re unsure which is best, there’s no harm in supporting awesome Canadian tech companies such as this one.

One thought on “COM0011 – Blog 4 – Hootsuite vs. Buffer App

  1. I actually agree that Hootsuite falls short in the face of Buffer. Having considered using Hootsuite myself, I think social media requires a simple, more streamlined approach than that which Hootsuite offers. Don’t get me wrong, Hootsuite is great. Many successful brands use it (like Herschel Supply Co) and if you need or want the complicated analytics, then bonus, you’ve hit the jackpot. Whilst we’d all love to support a Canadian company with as much happy abandon as we do when “buying local” at the farmer’s market, the two do not a successful social media management strategy make. My personal opinion is that some may be better off using such management systems if they actually utilize, say, more than 2 social media platforms. If you can’t keep up with Facebook and Twitter – the two being the only ones you hypothetically use – then one may have to re-evaluate whether they have the time, patience and attention span to actively use social media to their advantage. Your post is great, so informative and I enjoyed reading it!

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