COM0014: Blog 7, Personal Reflection by Iliana Auverana

Why is storytelling important to creating great digital content? Through storytelling, we establish a connection with our audience. When we tell a story, we inject our personality into our writing and convey our emotions. If the story is well-weaved, people get involved and want to know more. They keep reading and after finishing one story, they want to hear another one. This is the way we keep our audience interested and wanting to come back to our website to read our content.

How will your content be guided by story?

Writing a story gives structure and coherence to our content. The story keep us focus on one single objective.  Every piece has to make sense.

What kind of stories do you want to tell?

Nowadays, to truly connect with an audience, we have to get personal. People want to see the human side of companies. They want to know who is behind the creation of the products they want to buy.

I would like to tell stories about the following topics:

– inspirational and motivating stories,

– employees achievements,

– practical advice (how we did it),

– lessons learned

– role models and how they had an impact in our company,

– company events and personal stories.

One important source to help me choose a topic to write about will be to listen to my audience’s questions, complains and problems. Responding to these concerns will catch their attention and engage them in a two-ways conversation.

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