COM0015 – Blog #4 – Out of the Box: Raising the Periscope

Periscope1Social media is all about an experience, a connection and a community; it’s no wonder someone created Periscope. With one of the fastest growing apps of 2015 users can “(e)xplore the world through someone else’s eyes.” The app allows users to watch a broadcast being generated in real time from anywhere on a smart phone or tablet. Without the use of any video recording device it’s now possible to share a live broadcast instantly, from anywhere to anyone.

When I first learned of Periscope I was on Instagram, probably the right market to hear about something like this, and I wasn’t shocked it existed, and I bet some of you have just heard of it. The app, like many social media networks, allows you to create a list of broadcast, comment, and even replay broadcasts. Users can receive push notifications when their favourite people begin broadcasting so they never miss a moment.

The power of this new application is undeniable, users have the ability to showcase anything, anytime. Working on a product launch, trying to build suspense? Why not Periscope part of a meeting, a product review or even some behind the scenes coverage of the big moment. When I first discovered Periscope the Ottawa Senators were using it to let fans at home watch warm-up behind the scenes, before players ever took to the ice.

Now, users are even quitting their jobs to Periscope.

For the future of social media Periscope remains a new toy. Companies who have already mastered Vine may be the best fit for a simple transition, however, unlike the short video platform being a Periscope star means bringing followers new and engaging live content.

Just this week, the Palm Beach County Sherriff’s Office used Periscope to break the news that one of their deputies had been involved in a shooting. Taking to Periscope at 5:15 a.m. the Sheriff released his statement to Periscope rather than having to meet with the media. He was able to release the story before the media could leak any details or before any negative public opinion of how the shooting occurred could form.

While the future of Periscope is still to be determined the app has proven valuable while still untapped. Over the next few months there is no telling whether Periscope will grow into a marketing darling or if it will be just another short lived app.

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