Summertime and the Living is Easy


Summertime is amazing!  It always brings me back to my childhood.  Long days of carefree meanderings.  Out early in the morning until dusk.  Swimming in pools that were not so crystal clear, more like murky, but we didn’t care because it was cool and wet.  We would ride our bikes for hours out into the country because we could or all through the city. A nightly game of hide and seek or flags with all the kids in the neighbourhood was always on the agenda.  We would go down to the pond and catch tadpoles and play with the frogs that lived there.

We went camping every weekend so then I would be hanging out with my cousins, going swimming without adult supervision, walking in the muck when the water was down, running in the trails, catching firefly’s at night, going from campfire to campfire and talking to strangers.  When I was a teenager going camping also consisted of going to the beach early in the morning alone and staying until suppertime with nothing but my Walkman and a couple of dollars for some french fries.  There was no thought of bad things happening, naivety was at an all time high.  We would have large family reunions in Springbank Park or a big back yard.  We would also have a large BBQ potluck at our campground.   Our parents didn’t know where we were half the time and there was no way of getting a hold of us because we were outside somewhere.  That was fine as long as we were home for dinner and then home at dusk.  Our house didn’t have air conditioning so there were some nights where I would sleep in front of our large floor fan that was situated in front of the front screen door, or I would be sleeping in our trailer in our backyard.

I have very fond memories of my summers growing up.  I tried to give my kids some of these experiences.  Well at least the one’s where I knew where they were.  They never got to swim unaccompanied anywhere as I always had them at arm’s length away.  They still like camping and go now and then with their own friends.

How do you remember your summers?  If you have children, how do their summers differ then yours did?

One thought on “Summertime and the Living is Easy

  1. My summers were spent at the family cottage – swimming and reading. Like you, we were allowed to explore unattended. But, Dad always needed to know where we were going and when we would be back. And, boy oh boy, you did not want to be late! I have the same rules for my tween and teens – off you go to enjoy summer with friends. But, for safety and courtesy, they need to tell me where they are going and when to expect them home.

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