My Favourite Social Media Campaign

This week in class we are doing case studies of successful social media campaigns. So I thought I would share my favourite campaign.

If you have not heard of the Bing – Jay-Z Campaign please watch the below video, because it will blow your mind. This campaign took on Google, the biggest competitor possible. Google runs the world right now. Literally, have you seen google maps? They’re watching you all the time.

Bing teamed up with Jay-Z’s release of his book De-Coded and splashed it all over the world. Pages of his book could be found in different places, and on several different mediums. Consumers could interact and find the pages on bing’s site and enter a contest as they did it. The amount of detail that went into this campaign is insane.

A couple years ago, my entire advertising class traveled to New York to visit agencies and we toured the agency that came up with this campaign. During the tour we were brought to the agencies bar. Yes they have a bar in their office. It had been a long trip with quite a bit of drinking so we were leaning on a pool table trying to stay awake. All of a sudden the tour guide stops talking and says oh by the way thats the pool table for the Bing campaign. We all look down and see the words of Jay-Z’s book sprawled out on this pool table. It was one of the coolest moments of the trip.

I personally love this campaign and I think its completely underrated.

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