COM0014: Blog 6 – Do People Know Your Story?

Post 6 – Do People Know Your Story? I chose the following question:

What is the greatest challenge your business must overcome?

As an organization in the translation business, we have two great challenges: one is the globalization of translation companies. There are Canadian companies who are joining European companies to become stronger or even to be able to survive. Translation in Canada is essential in some fields and regions to conform to the Official Languages Act.  However, it’s an expensive item that makes budget planning challenging because it is difficult to oversee the future needs in this area.  Many organizations would prefer to use the money on other items. They look for ways to reduce costs. Several methods are used to meet this purpose: use of in-house translation by bilingual staff who doesn’t have linguistic or translation background, translating the least required, or contracting out the service from independent translators.

This last point brings me to the second challenge we face. The search of many organizations for lower prices has led translation companies to look for creative ways to reduce their prices. I can mention a few: the use of translation memories, machine translation and crowdsourcing. We had to follow these trends in the market. Our professional translators are against of these changes because they feel that their job is on the line. They are partly right in the sense that the way translation is done will change for sure with technological innovation. However, inevitable changes can have a positive impact in the future of any profession if the right decisions are taken at the proper time, and employees are engaged to support the challenges faced by the organization. We are presently using different approaches to reach that goal.


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