You’ve Got A Friend In Me….Maybe…

How do you define friendship?

Is it a form of love? Common values? An enjoyment of each others company?

Wikipedia defines friendship as “A mutual affection between two or more people”

I believe that friendship is defined by our various emotional human needs which enable us to feel a bond or connection. The wide spectrum of what “true friendship” can perceived to be vastly different, from one individual to another.

If we take that friendship necessity and consider an on-line social media relationship with someone we have never physically met face to face, is that still considered friendship? Furthermore…is that type of friendship considered a valid one?

Of course, there is the risk of on-line predators or people who are not emotionally stable. Anyone can presume to be who they are not. On line dating is one example of a convoluted perception. The person can create the nicest and most amazing character persona on-line and are in actual fact the complete polar opposite. DANGER!!

People are using social media sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter may believe they have hundreds of “friends.” What percentage of those “so-called friends” are actually the real deal who truly care about them personally and have their best interests at heart? My guess is only a select few. Correct me if I’m wrong here.

Take Facebook for example. A social media site designed for “friends” who wish to create connections, share snippets and flashes of inspiration, support, personal news and lifestyles. Until the negative happens…and there is always a negative to every positive.

Someone who “likes” or “favors” tweets or posts can be a friend, although how many of them actually offer support and encouragement in that person’s life.

Then there is the Facebook friend who in news feed, unravels every detail of their private life, pouring their heart and soul out to anyone who will take the time to read and comment. They feel the need to spew all their issues out there. All that does is damage their reputation by creating judgement and character deprivation from all of their so-called best social media friends. Not good.

When we take a psychological approach to a select or specific group of people who spend most of their time chatting on-line or involved with various forms of social media, I wonder how many of them actually have a close connection with loyal, caring, or trusted friends. I bet most of them keep their physical relationships at arm’s length.

How far will someone go for a connection of friendship? For people uncomfortable in a real life social setting, this may be just what they need.

See the following link about a person who wants to have coffee with every single one of his Facebook friends. Interesting.

It’s fascinating to me, and I agree that people can find close common values and create bonds with others through social media sites and find significant value in that. I really have a hard time swallowing the idea that true friendship can come from something like social media alone.

I would love to hear your thoughts on what true friendship means to you


2 thoughts on “You’ve Got A Friend In Me….Maybe…

  1. I agree that the term ‘friend’ in the social media world isn’t really the correct word if we consider the Wikipedia definition that you posted. Perhaps acquaintance seems fit. Sometimes I wonder why people obsess over adding has many people as they can to their networks whether they know them or not. I always question how many of them they actually consider friends. I guess these people love the attention and live for the ‘likes’ and comments! I actually worry that Social Media is hurting the true friendships. I find myself not calling or meeting up with certain friends or family members as often as I used too. Their newsfeeds keep me up to date and give us less reason to catch up. Pretty sad if you think about it!

    • I couldn’t agree with you more Julie. Social Media is a useful and wonderful tool, but a dangerous one at that. We have to use it very carefully. I too find that a lot of my family and friends don’t pick up the phone and talk anymore. It is a different world we live in today. With all the technology and social media tools coming at us and constantly evolving, we may have lost our most personal and basic important human need….our connections.

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